AFM (Activated Filter Media)
AFM Activated (Glass) Filter Media filtration is a specialized filtration process that utilizes AFM (Activated Filter Media) as the filter media within a vessel to purify water. This process is particularly effective for water treatment in various applications, including industrial, municipal, and residential settings.
AFM Filter
AFM vessel with the bottom and top layer

1. AFM – Activated Filter Media:

  • AFM, or Activated Filter Media, is a high-performance filter media made from recycled glass. It is engineered to provide superior filtration compared to traditional filter media like sand or anthracite.
  • AFM is specially treated to have a highly activated surface with a high negative charge, which enhances its ability to trap and remove contaminants from water.

2. Vessel Setup:

  • In AFM filtration, water is passed through a vessel filled with AFM particles. These vessels are designed to accommodate the AFM media and ensure efficient filtration.

3. Filtration Process:

  • Contaminated water is directed into the filtration vessel from the top.
  • As water flows downward through the AFM media, the negatively charged AFM particles attract and adsorb positively charged contaminants. This electrostatic attraction is particularly effective at removing a wide range of impurities, including particles, bacteria, and organic matter.
  • The contaminants become physically trapped within the AFM media, preventing them from passing through.
  • Clean, filtered water exits the bottom of the vessel and is collected for distribution or further treatment.
afm particle size removal
AFM filters from 1 micron (click on the image to enlarge)

4. Regeneration and Maintenance:

  • One of the advantages of AFM is its regenerative capability. Over time, as AFM media becomes saturated with contaminants, it can be regenerated through backwashing and chemical treatment, extending the life of the media and reducing the need for frequent media replacement.
  • Maintenance typically involves periodic backwashing and occasionally adding specialized regeneration chemicals.

Key Advantages:

  • High filtration efficiency due to the activated surface and electrostatic attraction.
  • Effective removal of a wide range of contaminants, including fine particles, microorganisms, and organic substances.
  • Longer media lifespan compared to traditional filter media.
  • Lower operating costs over time due to regeneration capabilities.
  • Environmentally friendly, as AFM is made from recycled glass.

In summary, AFM (Activated Filter Media) filtration is an advanced water treatment process that utilizes AFM, a specially treated glass media, to efficiently remove contaminants from water. Its unique electrostatic properties and regenerative capabilities make it a powerful and sustainable choice for various filtration applications, ensuring clean and safe water for industrial, municipal, and residential use.

activated filter media glass vessels
Two AFM vessels inside a container

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