ultrafiltration uf reverse osmosis water


Ultrafiltration (UF) is used to remove undissolved materials from water. The most well-known application is the production of drinking water from source or surface water.

Turbin develops and produces customer specific UF installations for various applications. We also have various UF rental units available for testing or production. Our UF legionella gatekeeper installations are BRL certified and we also offer them with a unique lease construction.  This way of filtration is a very effective and sustainable way of water filtration.  


  • Drinking water production UF
  • Legionella gatekeeper systems
  • Process water treatment UF
  • Wastewater treatment UF
  • Pre-treatment seawater for RO
  • Bacteria and virus removal in drinking water
  • Algae harvest
  • Pre-treatment water aquaculture
  • More…