Self-cleaning Filters

Automatic self-cleaning filters in the suction and discharge sides of water treatment plants is one of Turbin’s specializations.

Our unique disk filter construction has a range from 0.5 micron to 200 micron and is the most efficient construction on the market. A pilot installation is available to test the application in the field. Capacity from 1 to 1000 m3 per hour is no problem for this modular construction. Due to the all-plastic construction, these filters are very applicable to seawater or process water.

Self-cleaning suction filters are indispensable when taking water in surface or sea. A self-cleaning construction is ideal because you no longer have to remove the filter from the water to clean it. A special construction for well pumps is available on request, which also includes the cooling jacket of the engine. Screens in SS316 are standard, duplex on request.

disc filtratie eow

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